Welcome to Shafi Stud

Passionate, some might say crazy, about Arabian horses

A path set out from the first moment I was blessed to touch one when I was a kid and a journey set out only two years ago after tapping into what makes me happy after a hike in India. i know from the bottom of my heart that I’ll continue for a long time.

What started as my dream is a family engagement today…well almost the whole family a few still prefer the X-box. Our stud is young and we wanna challenge the existing status by breeding the type and look we love in purebred and straight Egyptians to compete in the show ring and preserve the unique lines. 

We choose to do so while we cuddle, play and strengthen the bond between us as humans and our horses. We believe that our horses should always be strong, lots of confidence, typy and in simple terms be horses. We are into Horsemanship and believe by understanding our horses and mutual respect our achievements are endless. We consider all Arabian horse lovers our friends and by that we have many homes across the world, so do you here at our Stud.

Hope to see you soon, will fix up a guest room for you and enjoy a meal while enjoying the horses.

Horsepower to you all! – Shafi Family